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5 tips to follow when setting up a facebook page

1. Customize your page URL

By customizing your page URL it will be easier for interested parties to search for and find your page. The keywords of what the page is about should be included in your page URL. The page URL should be keep as simple and straight forward as possible. My own page‘s Kieran O’ Connell Marketing URL is

2. Make sure your profile picture is identifiable

I know its very cliqued but a picture speaks a thousand words. It is essential that your profile picture is easily identifiable and is fitting for the purpose of the page. The profile picture should include the business name or have an image that can help clearly identify the link to what the page is for, i.e a business or a public figure etc. Here is a link to my twitter page where I have a picture of the Smithwicks profile picture which is clearly identifable.

Profile Picture Smithwicks

3. Try to be cool

Social Media users want to be entertained. They don’t want traditional boring advertisements thrown in their face. They are looking for posts that entertain them and make them laugh. By using this simple tactic, businesses can divert traffic from user’s newsfeed onto their site.  You know how painful it is to be stuck at a cocktail party, talking to that self-absorbed person who only talks about him or herself. When creating and updating a successful facebook page businesses need to treat social media like a cocktail party among friends. To be liked, you’ve got to be gracious, genuinely interested in others, and not dominate the conversation.

Captain Morgan are an outstanding example of a business who tries to be cool, uses the right tone and humour on their Facebook page. Here is a link to an excellent post on it’s facebook page where it captures the audiences imagination with the heading “legends aren’t made staying in. Here is a short link to this post I created on Bitly:

Captain Morgan captures the right tone with the slogan, "Legends aren't made staying in" Captain Morgan captures the right tone with the slogan, “Legends aren’t made staying in”

4. Make sure its a like page and not a friend  account

It is very unprofessional for businesses to have a friend page instead of a Facebook page. Having a like page makes it easier for Facebook users see what is going on in the company. There is no need to be sending friend requests, all they have to do is like the page. Many small local businesses make this mistake and Facebook limits the maximum number of friends for any user to 5000 friends.

Here is an example of a business that has a friend page instead of a like page. I created a shortened URL link to the page on

Unprofessional "friend" page instead of "like" page Unprofessional “friend” page instead of “like” page

5. Create content with the right “tone for Facebook

Paddy power is an example example of a business that uses the right tone on Facebook. Here is one there many hilarious posts where there are talking about a football referee driving home:

Paddy Power's excellent use of humour Paddy Power’s excellent use of humour

Check out this video to find out more tips about setting setting up Facebook pages: